The Raincoats' Gina Birch has released her first solo single, "Feminist Song." Moody and atmospheric, the song has real anger and menace as Gina seethes lines like "If you ask me if I'm a feminist, I say 'to hell with powerlessness'" before exploding into a noisy anthemic chorus of "I'm a city girl, I'm a warrior!" The song has been played at Raincoats gigs, and bandmate Ana da Silva contributes monotron to this single, which was mixed by Youth of Killing Joke. It's terrific, and there are two other mixes -- the "Ambient Mix" and the "City Girl" mix -- that are worth checking out. Listen to all three below.

"Feminist Song" is out now via Third Man Records and coincided with the opening of the Third Man Store in London.

You can pick up the 40th anniversary vinyl edition of The Raincoats' debut album in the BV shop.

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