The Raveonettes are back with the May edition of their Rave Sounds of the Month singles series. Like the others in this series, "Scout" is different than almost anything Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo have done before. In this case, a rhythm-section-driven song with a very funky muted bass and atmospheric orchestration. The song -- and its lyric video -- premiere in this post and you can listen below.

Wagner also answered a few questions via email about the singles series and what's to come. Check that out below.

You're working with new sounds on these singles -- more synths and less guitars (are there any guitars on "Scout"?) -- was it a conscious decision?

I just do whatever I feel like in the moment, I don’t think in terms of synths or guitars, I don’t have a preference really. And yes there are guitars on Scout.

What can you tell us about "Scout" either lyrically or the musical inspiration?

It was done really fast, spur of the moment thing, I just started with a beat and then it turned out to be a song. I love making beats and most of them will just be beats but every once in a while that beat will turn into a song.

Are you recording these songs as you go, month to month? Other than deadlines is it a different process than making an album? Do you like working this way?

The songs are written as I go yes, some of them I spend more time on and some not so much, It’s a cool way of working except everybody seems to be freaking out about the deadlines except myself.

With this new approach will it change the way you play live?

No connection whatsoever.

Speaking of playing live, The Raveonettes live setup is unusual. No amps.

We’ve never used amps, I always liked the direct guitar sound straight into the board both live and in the studio. We don’t need amps on stage, like I said we’re just going directly into the mixing desk.

You're playing Seattle in June -- any other tour plans?

Just a few shows, we’ve cut way back.

What is holding your attention when not playing music (LPs, movies, books, tv?)

Movies, books, tennis