Twede's Diner in North Bend, WA has been open since the '40s, having changed names a few times over the years, but it's best known for playing the Double R Diner in David Lynch's iconic TV-series Twin Peaks. Local resident Rachel Bennet and her husband, Max Spears bought Twede's and completed the purchase on February 29 of this year, which was just two weeks before COVID-19 shut everything down in Washington state.

Bennet and Spears offered takeout but were barely making enough to cover food costs, until they secured a $100,000 PPP loan. “That was huge for us, in that we didn’t have to think about our sales for two months, which was most of when we were takeout only," Bennet told Grub Street. "It allowed us to pay everybody as if we were open for regular hours. The sales we were doing were just paying for the food we were buying and nothing else. We keep saying to ourselves how lucky we are that this is the restaurant that we bought because there are so many people who care about it, want to see it continue, and have embraced us as owners."

Twede's has become a lot more Twin Peaks-y since being taken over by Bennet and Spears, too, recreating the Double R's wallpaper, and fixing up the disorganized memorabilia area that was already there. "It was just like, Here you go, Twin Peaks fans — here’s a bunch of pictures, enjoy," Bennet told Grub Street. "We wanted to make that back hallway more of a Twin Peaks experience, but it wasn’t really featured in the show. So my idea was to make it more like the Black Lodge. We repainted it with this deep red color, we have black trim, we replaced the ceiling tile with these cool black tiles. There’s a closet that I’m in the process of turning into our merch room. I have red velvet curtains I’m going to put up. And I just hung the photos in a more intentional way, so they have a zigzag pattern. David Lynch is so into symbolism, so we’re trying to also incorporate that into how we present all the things."

If you'd like to help Twede's stay afloat as the pandemic continues to affect restaurants around the country, they have a merch store offering up RR replica mugs, and more. And if you're in the area, stop by for a slice of Agent Cooper-approved pie and coffee.

twin peaks bobble head

Speaking of the the Double R, Bif Bang Pow! has a cool new Bobblehead diner set, that comes with a Double R booth (with a Black Lodge chevron tile floor), log and owl bobblehead figures, as well as a slice of pie, coffee in a RR mug, and Dale Cooper style tape recorder. They also come with mug, pie and tape recorder enamel pins. These diorama sets are an Entertainment Earth exclusive for New York Comic Con 2020, with only 504 made, and you can order them now.

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