Last night, avant-garde rock vets The Residents brought their tour to Brooklyn’s Murmrr Theatre, the venue inside Union Temple of Brooklyn that started hosting concerts a couple of years ago. BV photographer Greg Cristman was there, and said that the show got shut down 15-20 minutes early by the police due to noise complaints. Video has since surfaced of the band telling the crowd the news. They said:

Unfortunately there seems to have been a slight sound issue with the neighbors. And the neighbors have called the police. And if we don’t stop, they’re going to take our equipment. So, three cheers for the neighbors and the police!! But thank for you being a fabulous audience. We’ll be back.

No word yet on what this may mean for future Murmrr shows, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out pictures from the show in the gallery above, and watch that video and see some tweets from other attendees:

photos by Greg Cristman