The Residents will release new album Metal, Meat & Bone on July 10. The double album was inspired by newly unearthed recordings of former collaborator and blues musician Alvin Snow (a.k.a. Dyin' Dog). The record features 10 of those demos, as well as 10 interpretations of the demos by The Residents, and six new works inspired by Dyin' Dog. The first single is "Die! Die! Die!" which features lead vocals from Pixies' howler Black Francis. The Residents told Rolling Stone that though they don't know who Dyin' Dog was singing about in the original, they definitely had someone in mind with their version which they call "A perfect parallel with its all too eager protagonist snidely and indifferently turning his back on a world whose approval he so desperately sought."

Frank Black recorded his vocals for this before the pandemic hit. "It was pretty intense," he told Rolling Stone. "I almost felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do justice or something. It was so dark." Watch the video below.

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