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In the late '90s every hardcore band started their set the same way. The band prepped up gear and stretched for the exercise ahead of them while the singer jumped around like a motivational speaker with its head cut off, squawking about the scene and their major crush for each band that played before them. But not Disembodied, they were the odd band out in the era of zines and distros. Their sets began with a swelling, a growling of the bass, and when the whole band came in there was nothing positive screamed-Disembodied were the dark side of hardcore. - [Noisecreep]

Dissonant hardcore fans and satanists rejoice! After a few triumphant dates in their hometown of Minneapolis, out West and in Europe, the recently reunited Disembodied have returned to the east coast, scheduling an NYC date at Santos with Torchbearer on Jan 16th, 2010!

Disembodied recently dropped Palms of Sheol, "a collection of rare, out of print and unreleased material... that includes the Confession 7", Existence in Suicide MCD, compilation tracks, unreleased songs, and a cover of Metallica's "Creeping Death" (thx Lambgoat). Pick that up via Prime Directive Records.

Check out a ton of videos from Disembodied's reunion show at Chain Reaction in June below.

Disembodied 6/5/09 @ Chain Reaction

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