by Andrew Sacher

photo: The Rezillos at Bowery Electric in 2012 (more by Alyssa Tanchajja)

Scotland's The Rezillos (for a while known as The Revillos) were one of the more fun bands of new wave's early days, still playing at punk speeds but with good time lyrics, pop smarts and the distinctive gruff, nasally vocals of Eugene Reynolds, sweetened by co-lead Faye Fife. Songs like ""Flying Saucer Attack," "Can't Stand My Baby," and "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures" are classics of the era

Bill wrote the above about punk/new wave vets The Rezillos in 2012, just before they played their first NYC show in ten years. Now they're set to release their first album since the '70s, ZERO, next week (3/10) via Metropolis Records (pre-order). We've got the premiere of the full album stream in this post. Most of it still sounds like the late '70s punk era (though with modern recording quality), but it does dip its toes into new territory. Here's what they said about the record:

Shock horror FAY FIFE reads book and has come to the off kilter conclusion that the term ZERO alludes to 'liminality' : a place where anything can happen, where all or nothing screams in our face and where transcendence and decrepitude mix like a piquant stew; or is it porridge? - that's the thing with a zero entity; it might be nothing but it's probably infinity.

Listen to the album in full, below...


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