The Roots at Brooklyn Bowl, 2013 The Roots at Brooklyn Bowl, 2013 (more by Dana [distortion]

Yavin)[/caption]The big David Bowie tributes at Carnegie Hall and Radio City are this week, but they may be without some of the previously announced performers, namely The Roots, Bilal and Kimbra. Why? Some artists are not wanting to share equipment, so claims Questlove who took to Instagram to vent:



Here's that text in full:

Mood. I've never been so insecure or petty as to deny a fellow musician use of ANY of my equipment (or my band's equipment----or resources or contacts or knowledge or ANYTHING) it angers me when that same courtesy is not reciprocated. (Believe you me I was about to get #TomPetty or #PettyWap or #PetRockAndCLSmooth or #BlackPetty or however you wanna roll wit it)---keeping a level head and not being self destructive is a weak point I'm working on. But I'm also keeping it true: The Roots/Bilal/Kimbra (w/ Wendy Melvoin, DD Jackson & Ray Angry) pulled out of these Bowie gigs. We have patience. But we do NOT have patience for the #Bitchassness. Enjoy your precious equipment.

Let's hope they all work it out.