UPDATE: The tour is CANCELLED due to visa issues. The band writes:

As some of you might have noticed, DROWNED and ourselves had to cancel our appearance on the US-Minitour with ANICON on short notice, due to the chaotic bureaucracy that is the US-authorities.
Our deepest regrets go out to the patient and helpful promoters Paul and Stefan, to Anicon, and of course to all of you.
Please gather details of this utterly sad and annoying story from the comments of INHALE SPIRITS MUSIC (see below) and of Paul/METAL THREAT FEST (see further below).
On behalf of The Ruins,

"It is with much regret that the scheduled and long-termed organized US-minitour of The Ruins Of Beverast and Drowned - starting in New York, going through Pittsburgh and leading to Metal Threat Fest 2016 in Chicago - has to be cancelled short-termed since the necessary working permission was denied by USCIS for both Drowned and The Ruins Of Beverast. Since last year Inhale Spirits Music has been trying to set up a tour for both bands around Metal Threat Fest, which was initially spoiled by working visa restrictions and, with the help of the Metal Threat Fest organizer Paul, nonetheless ended in setting up the scheduled minitour in conspiracy with Stefan. Both, and especially Paul financially, were investing a lot and were taking many risks for that. For several months we have been researching, tried to get information concerning the working visa restrictions and possible business alternatives, which, as European citizens, looked encouraging in the beginning. Despite several tries, there was no (!) help from the embassies at all. After countless discussions and different opinions everyone was willing to follow our elaborated plan and convinced we're doing the right thing... until we got a profound last minute consulting, which warned us to even try to enter the States under our circumstances, risking jail, 10 year bans and additional major financial losses. With plans to re-enter the USA for several occasions, needless to say, we couldn't risk that for the bands, although this would still mean major losses for all of us, but most primarily for Paul.
For a deeper understanding a quote from the lawyer: "US visa law seeks to make sure that US musician’s jobs are not threatened by foreign musicians unless the foreign musicians are so renowned that a US employer would want them for uniquely who they are, rather than merely for their ability to complete a task. As such, there is a wide swath of performing artists who are not renowned enough to “deserve” a work visa, but are not amateur enough to be seen as non-threatening to the US labor market."
We'd like to thank Paul and Stefan for their effort and hope you support their events even more now by giving this explanation. Nonetheless, we will be looking into setting something up at a later point in time."

German black metal outfit The Ruins of Beverast are playing some rare US shows soon. The solo project of former Nagelfar member Alexander von Meilenwald conjures a legitimately terrifying atmosphere that should be something to behold in the rare chance to catch it in a live setting.

They'll be playing NYC at Saint Vitus on July 15 and they'll be joined by fellow German blackened death outfit Drowned, with local support provided by Anicon and Luminous Vault. Tickets for that are on sale now.

Among the other US dates they have is the extremely brutal Chicago-based Metal Threat Festival, which goes down at Reggies from July 15-17 and also features Absu, Inquisition, Abigail At War and a bunch of other somewhat intimidating bands. Tickets for that are on sale now.

They also play California Deathfest in October. All dates listed, along with the lineup for Metal Threat fest, a stream of Ruins of Beverast's 2013 album Blood Vaults, and some live clips of the band from Roadburn 2013, below.


The Ruins of Beverast — 2016 Tour Dates
04/23 Alsfeld, Germany (Kings Of Black Metal)
05/06 Oberhausen, Germany (Acherontic Arts)
06/05 Bristol, England (Temples Festival)
06/24 Varniai, Lithuania (Kilkim Zaibu Festival)
07/15 Brooklyn, NY @ Sait Vitus
07/16 Pittsburgh, PA @ Drowning Moose
07/17 Chicago, USA (Metal Threat Fest)
10/15 Oakland, USA (California Deathfest)

Metal Threat Fest — 2016 Lineup
At War
Atrum Inritus
Baphomet's Blood
Moros Nyx
The Ruins of Beverast

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