Australian punk and proto-grunge legends The Scientists are gearing up to release Negativity, their first album in 35 years, next month. "I Wasn't Good at Picking Friends" is a very catchy mutant punk song about Julius Caesar.

Head Scientist Kim Salmon explains how this came to be: "Tony Thewlis, the Scientists lead guitarist, sends me a riff and immediately a chorus pops into my head singing 'Beware, the Ides Of March!' Now this is inappropriate coz’ this is a ‘chorus’, as in a Greek Tragedy, and the line’s from Shakespeare’s depiction of ancient Rome! It don’t matter! It's only Rock n Roll. I run with it. No soothsayers, just a chorus of female backing singers! So what do I sing? Well obviously! I’m Julius Caesar now and I have to turn 'et tu Brute' into a punk rock song! How do I do that? Well, Tony’s riff makes the racket people have come to expect from the Scientists! Add to that equal measures of drum and bass chaos and throw in an atonal fuzz guitar solo for good measure! Sounds like the Scientists to me! Will the punters buy it? We don’t care! I guess we’re still the same old punks we always were."

You can listen to "I Wasn't Good at Picking Friends" below. Negativity is out June 11 via In the Red.

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