NYC venue The Shed has launched the Sonic Sphere, an experimental performance and listening space originally conceived by modernist composer Karlheinz Stockhausen over 50 years ago. The New York Times reports that The Shed's iteration of the sphere is the 11th and largest yet, with a capacity of about 250 people. The space is described as follows:

Experience music in all its dimensions with Sonic Sphere, a vast, 65-foot-diameter spherical concert hall suspended in midair in The Shed’s soaring, 115-foot-tall McCourt. This revolutionary new architectural space features immersive, 3-D sound and light explorations of music by boundary-pushing artists.

Within the sphere, you are surrounded by more than 100 speakers that move sound above, below, through, and around your body. Sound and light waves are sculpted into spatialized, temporal architectures. Together, they create hyperreal and deeply multisensory, shared experiences.

The inaugural Sonic Sphere season runs through June and July, with 45-minute live sets by yunè pinku, Madame Gandhi, UNIIQU3, and Igor Levit (in collaboration with visual artist Rirkit Tiravanjia). Recorded sets will come from Yaeji (DJ set), The xx (remixes of their self-titled debut album), Steve Reich (Music For 18 Musicians), and Carl Craig (DJ set). Tickets for all the shows go on sale on Friday, May 5, with early access for members. Check out the schedule below.

Sonic Sphere -- 2023 Live Lineup
6/9 Madame Gandhi
6/14 yunè pinku
6/16 yunè pinku
6/23 UNIIQU3
6/24 UNIIQU3
6/30 Igor Levit
6/31 Igor Levit

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