I would have loved to have been at this....

Craig Wedren & Nathan Larson @ Mercury Lounge, NYC - Sep 17, 2007 (CRED)
Shudder to Think - Craig Wedren & Nathan Larson

This show seeks to reunite half the most popular (read: light MTV rotation) iteration of Shudder to Think, Craig’s D.C. glam-punk band, which evolved from arty Dischord intrigue to even artier light MTV rotation via the 1994 quasi-hit “X-French Tee Shirt.” [Village Voice]


Larson appeared midway through Wedren's solo set and performed six Shudder songs with the latter's band, which includes late-period Shudder drummer Kevin March. The artists played "X-French Tee Shirt," "Red House," "Lies About the Sky," "No Rm. 9, Kentucky," "Day Ditty" and "Appalachian Lullaby," which featured vocals from Larson's wife, Cardigans frontwoman Nina Persson. Their group, A Camp, also played a set last night. [Billboard]

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