NYC ska vets The Slackers have been staying busy during quarantine. They put out a few rarities comps, a two-song Quarantunes single, and they're gearing up to release the new song "Nobody's Listening" on a 12" single on August 7 via Pirates Press Records, backed by a new version of "Sleep Outside" (originally recorded in the early '90s under their pseudonym The Nods). We're premiering the new version of "Sleep Outside," which is a little warmer and more laid back than the original, alongside its shot-in-quarantine video of the band performing the song from their individual homes.

Along with the new single, The Slackers are also reissuing Live at Ernesto's (recorded in the Netherlands in 1999 and originally released in 2000 on Hellcat). You can pre-order that reissue (as a bundle and/or separately) at the Pirates Press Records webstore.

The Slackers are also celebrating the release with a livestream on August 1 at 4 PM ET with The Pietasters, The Bar Stool Preachers, Catbite, and DJ Boss Harmony. Here's more info:

This August 1st concert is also a celebration of a pair of releases on Pirates Press Records (street Date, July 17). The first new music release by the Slackers in 2020 is the timely single Nobodys Listening/Sleep Outside which deals with the chaos engulfing the United States and homelessness respectively. At the same time they are re-releasing their classic 2000 album Live At Ernestos as a double LP. Ernestos is a small bar in the Netherlands that was the site of Slackers end of tour parties for 21 years. This year, Ernestos is setting up a big screen tv and speakers so that their town can watch the show remotely.

The Slackers will be playing live through the technical magic of Live From Events. Using this format, the band hopes to recreate the intensity of an in-person performance, online. In honor of the Live At Ernesto’s re-release the band will be recreating and replaying their set from 2000 and adding their 2 new tunes from the single.

Supporting acts on the bill also slated to perform:

* The Pietasters, Washington DC, legendary 1990s Ska band

* Bar Stool Preachers, Brighton, UK - young political Punk and Ska celebrating the release of their new single, ‘State of Emergency.’

* Catbite, Philadelphia, PA - youthful up and coming ska reggae band.

* DJ Boss Harmony, Los Angeles, CA. Legendary DJ at LA’s long running Dub Club and Punky Reggae Party

“In these troubled times of pandemics, vicious right wing politics, and racial strife, it's hard to find hope. In their concerts, the Slackers are trying to project a message of unity, solidarity, and trying make some hope and joy for the future.” - David Hillyard, manager and saxophonist of the Slackers stated.

Tickets for the livestream are on sale now.

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