The Sonder Bombs have a new album on the way via Take This To Heart/Big Scary Monsters/Dew Process, which they made in quarantine with producer Joe Reinhart of Hop Along. The title and release date will be revealed in October, but meanwhile, they've released the lead single, "What Are Friends For?" It nails a balance between subdued, folk-tinged indie punk and bigger, more anthemic rock, and it's a very fun song that you'll be humming along to before the first listen even ends.

"Writing & recording ‘What Are Friends For?’ was some of the most fun that we’ve had as a band," said singer/ukulelist Willow Hawks. "From the very beginning we knew this was a song that we wanted people to shake their butts too! I was dancing my heart out while tracking vocals for this one and I think that hype energy really came through in the final product. I can’t wait to play it live someday!"


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