What's more modern than a female rockstar? That's the question Cleveland punks The Sonder Bombs ask on the track "Title" (not the title track) of their attention-grabbingly-named debut album MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, and in 2018, it's a great point. We deservingly see more and more articles about women dominating rock, we see more and more women deservingly dominating year-end lists, and there seems to be some improvement but we still sadly don't see enough women on package tours and festival lineups. Camp Cope (who The Sonder Bombs sometimes remind me of) sang about this on their killer 2018 album opener "The Opener" and The Sonder Bombs open up "Title" on a similar note: "I don't wanna be your merch girl / I wanna be your goddamn idol." With a modern feminist punk spirit and hooks that sound like RIOT!-era Paramore, it's a powerful, super catchy sentiment and it makes me want to listen to this band over and over.

Cleveland punks The Sonder Bombs, whose great debut album MDOERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR I just wrote about in my Overlooked Albums of 2018 list (that's an excerpt above), are touring in January with Boston indie-punks Future Teens and Wisconsin emo band Barely Civil. It's an East Coast/Midwest tour that includes stops in all three bands' hometown areas, as well as stops in Philly, Brooklyn, Long Island, Chicago, and more.

The Brooklyn show happens January 12 at Sunnyvale with locals Fern Mayo headlining (tickets) and the Long Island show happens January 13 at Amityville with local support from Barely March (who Barely Civil released a split with earlier this year) and Dorks (tickets). All dates are listed below.

Future Teens Barely Civil Sonder Bombs

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