The Soundcarriers formed in Nottingham in the late 2000s with a sound that pulled from '60s French pop, Italian soundtracks, baroque psych, Brazilian pop, and other groovy subgenres. In the same orbit as Broadcast and Stereolab (not to mention Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg), the band pretty quickly established their own style within this galaxy, best exemplified on their second album, Celeste which came in at #8 on our Indie Basement list of Best Albums of the 2010s.

The band -- Paul Isherwood, Adam Cann, Dorian Conway and Leonore Wheatley -- went dormant not long after their third album, 2014's Entropicalia, but were dragged out of deep hibernation a couple years ago by the creators of terrific AMC series Lodge 49, who had used a few of their songs in Season 1 and got them to both cover Scott Walker and write and record a few new songs for Season 2. Getting back into the studio sparked the group's creative embers and today the band have announced Wilds, their fourth album and first in eight years, which will be out January 21 via their own Phosphonic label.

The first single from Wilds is the album's opening number, "Waves," which was used in Lodge 49 and released as a super-limited-edition vinyl-only 7" as part of a party thrown by Shindig! Magazine in 2018. Powered by an incredible rhythm section and out-there flute action, "Waves" really zooms. The bassline is fantastic, as is just about every sonic detail, but dig the use of triangle on this track. Listen below.

Soundcarriers - Wild album art

At the Time
All These Things
Falling Back
Happens Too Soon

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