Edgar Wright's documentary The Sparks Brothers is in theaters today and is a terrifically entertaining look at Ron and Russell Mael's year journey leading one of the best, most idiosyncratic rock bands of the last 50 years. It's great for Sparks neophytes and obsessive fans who've collected every record (25 albums and counting). Read our review here.

Speaking of record collecting, here's one more: The Sparks Brothers is getting an official soundtrack, featuring a whomping 42 songs, including studio recordings, live versions, rarities, the "Sparks Documentary Feature Fanfare" and a spoken word reading of "Amateur Hour" by Sparks superfan Neil Gaiman. It's a super-sized Best Of that's available as a four album set on either pink or marbled black-and-white vinyl, and comes in a "pocket book-style" gatefold jacket with matte satin finish. It's also got a booklet with detailed liner notes from Edgar Wright and Ron & Russell Mael, plus a pretty cool Ben Hur-style movie poster.

The Sparks Brothers soundtrack will be out this Fall via Waxworks Records and you can preorder it now. You can check out the artwork, packaging and tracklist -- along with the "Sparks Documentary Feature Fanfare," a teaser for the soundtrack and the trailer to the film -- below.

Sparks' summer of cinema continues in August with the release of Annette, their much-anticipated collaboration with filmmaker Leos Carax that stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard.

the sparks brothers vinyl soundtrack

The Sparks Brothers tracklist:
1. Sparks Documentary Film Fanfare
2. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (from 'Plagiarism')
3. Fa La Fa Lee
4. Slowboat
5. Wonder Girl
6. Girl From Germany
7. Talent is an Asset
8. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (from 'Kimono My House')
9. Amateur Hour
10. Never Turn Back on Mother Earth
11. Something for the Girl with Everything
12. Get in the Swing
13. Under the Table with Her
14. Everybody’s Stupid
15. Those Mysteries
16. La Dolce Vita
17. Beat the Clock
18. The Number One Song in Heaven (7”)
19. When I’m with You
20. Tips for Teens
21. Angst in My Pants
22. I Predict
23. Cool Places (With Jane Wiedlin)
24. I Wish I Looked a Little Better
25. Change
26. Music that You Can Dance to
27. The Race for President
28. When do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’?
29. Balls
30. The Rhythm Thief
31. My Baby’s Taking Me Home (Live in London 2018)
32. Dick Around
33. I Can’t Believe that You Would Fall for all the Crap in this Song
34. Johnny Delusional (Performed by FFS)
35. Edith Piaf (Said it Better than Me)
36. All That
37. The Number One Song in Heaven (Live 2012)
38. Computer Girl
39. Hospitality on Parade (Live at Fairfield Halls 1975)
40. What the Hell is it This Time? (Live in London 2018)
41. ‘My Way’ / When do I get to Sing ‘My Way’ (Live in London 2018)
42. Amateur Hour (Lyric Reading by Neil Gaiman)

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