Former The Specials vocalist Neville Staple has accused Facebook of wrongly removing his page "over skinhead links," the BBC reports. Neville and his wife and manager Christine say they were among hundreds who had their profiles deactivated when Facebook cracked down on racism on the platform in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of police. Rooting out pages that related to skinhead culture, they reportedly seized on ska and 2 tone as well.

Neville and Christine told the BBC they were "astounded" when they discovered the reason for their deletion, calling racism "the complete opposite of what we were about."

"We're the 2 Tone era, we came about when racial tensions were nuts - a bit like what we're going though now," Christine said. "We were all about bringing black and white together."

"They've clearly not looked into 2 Tone," she continued. "It was all about change - we've got skinheads, rudies... a whole range of fans out there."

Facebook has since reinstated the profiles, saying they were "removed in error."

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