East Village bar/club Elvis Guesthouse is closing on New Year's Eve. We got about a month's notice. Cake Shop, the much long-running Lower East Side indie rock, comedy and cake space, is closing the same night. They let people know just days before. Meanwhile, John Zorn;s East Village experimental and avant-garde music spot The Stone has apparently announced that they are closing too... but not until February 2018! As you can see from Jeff Golick & Jeff Jackson's tweet above, the rumor is spreading.

All three closings are bad news, but The Stone's may be the biggest heads up a venue has ever given!

Meanwhile, go enjoy any show at The Stone (at the corner of 2nd and C), because like like-minded Tonic before it (which, like Sin-e, closed in April 2007), it will (sort of) soon be gone (this time with no arrests I assume).

John Zorn, as always, closes this year out with a series of improv benefit shows at The Stone (and he is sure to do the same at the 2nd of 2017). Thurston Moore, Zorn and others play on New Year's Eve this year.

February, 2018's schedule so far has Sylvie Courvoisier and Frank London residencies before "FAREWELL TO THE STONE!", a "JOHN ZORN IMPROV WEEK CELEBRATION TO RING THE BELL, CLOSE THE BOOK AND QUENCH THE CANDLE FOR THE STONE" (FEBRUARY 20-25).

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