UPDATE: The Strokes are playing a fundraiser for NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley at Irving Plaza this weekend, the first show back at the newly renovated venue.



The Strokes won the 2021 Grammy for Best Rock Album -- their first time ever being nominated -- and in a press conference afterwards, the band were (obviously) asked if rock is dead.

"I think people who say things are ‘dead,’ I feel like it means their imagination possibly has died," Julian Casablancas said, via Rolling Stone. However, one type of rock he's not interested in hearing any more of is blues rock: "There’s room for so many genres of music; not necessarily blues rock, please no more of that."

"Anything that’s been beaten to death, obviously trend dictates those things will be extinct, and you evolve from those things," he said. "But what that means, what it’ll be called, who knows what it’ll be called. Rock and roll should definitely stop the way it was done [before], we don’t need more of that."

When asked what direction rock should go in, Albert Hammond Jr said "it doesn’t matter where we think it should go," and Julian interjected saying to listen to "the new kids on the block" instead.

Maybe the Grammys will give the award to some of those new kids next year, but, you know, probably not.