The Swell Season’s Marketa Irglova & Glen Hansard are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their hit indie film Once, featuring the Oscar-winning "Falling Slowly," with a short tour, and that hit NYC on Thursday (3/17) at Beacon Theatre. While they did play a handful of songs from the Once Soundtrack, including "If You Want Me," "When Your Mind's Made Up," The Frames' "Say it To Me Now" and, of course, "Falling Slowly," it felt more like a night of catching up with old friends, and the set included covers (including two songs from Hamilton), Hansard and Irglova solo songs, and more.

Marketa's sister, Zuzana, joined for a few songs, and during the encore Dermot Kennedy joined them to cover Van Morrison's "Days Like This." Opener Evangeline Young also came out to sing on "The Auld Triangle." Pictures from the night by Sachyn Mital and the Beacon Theatre setlist are in this post.

SETLIST: The Swell Season @ Beacon Theatre 3/17/2022 (via)
If You Want Me
The Moon
When Your Mind's Made Up
This Low
In These Arms
Low Rising
My Roots Go Deep (Markéta Irglová)
Return (Glen Hansard)
What Are We Gonna Do (Glen Hansard)
Into the Mystic (Van Morrison cover)
The Leading Bird (Markéta Irglová) (with Zuzana Irglova, no Glen)
Guns and Ships (Lin‐Manuel Miranda cover) (no Glen)
History Has Its Eyes on You (Lin‐Manuel Miranda cover) (no Glen)
Fool's Game (Glen Hansard)
Say It to Me Now (The Frames cover)
Falling Slowly
Gold (Interference cover)

Quintessence (Markéta Irglová)
Leave a Light (Glen Hansard)
Days Like This (Van Morrison cover) (with Dermot Kennedy)
On Raglan Road (Pádraig Caomhánaigh cover)
Fitzcarraldo (The Frames cover)
The Auld Triangle (Brendan Behan cover)

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