It was Wes who first urged me to check out The Teenage Prayers. The Undisputed Heavyweights (Wes' band) and Underrated Magazine are playing/throwing a show at Pianos in NYC Saturday night (Dec 3rd, 2005). Rachael from Underrated heard their CD and played it for Wes. Long story short, The Teenage Prayers agreed to play the show. (Other bands on the bill are A Brief Smile & Paula Valstein).

The Teenage Prayers

"My first thought after I finished listening to this album from the NYC based band was: why have I not heard of them before? I'd like to think of myself as pretty NYC band savvy, but somehow these guys have fallen through, and I may not be the only one. But not for long. I've listened to this album at least 3 times now and it gets better every time." [Rachel Underrated]

Stream the same four songs @ their Myspace

Dec 1 2005 9:30P The LAKESIDE LOUNGE NYC - First-Thursday Residency Continues
Dec 3 2005 11:30P PIANOS with the Undisputed Heavyweights (see above)
Dec 9 2005 9:00P TT the Bears opening for THE FIGGS Cambridge, MA