NYC had been anxiously awaiting the return of the Thermals, and the Thermals finally delivered with not one or two, but three NYC shows in two CMJ days. All three shows were well attended, well played (or so they say), well reviewed, and much appreciated.


And I know not one or two, but at least three people that attended (or tried to attend) all three shows - we were especially hungry for the band from Portland - especially since they skipped NYC on their most recent tour with Cursive because....they had a wedding to attend back home. All is forgiven though, and all will be even better after the Thermals come back some time in the first half of 2007 during their first headlining tour (dates TBA) since releasing one of 2006's best (or so they say), but not much talked-about, albums.

"When social hour ended, we went upstairs where we were treated to insanely good performances from CSS, The Thermals, The Album Leaf, and the perennially wonderful boys from Portland known as (guess….) The Shins." [Loudersoft @ Bowery]

"Punk-rockers the Thermals sweated buckets and stayed biblical with an aggressive, exhilarating set at Sub Pop's Bowery Ballroom showcase." [SPIN]

"The Portland pop-punk trio, augmented by second guitarist Joel Burrows, blazed through the most electrifying set I've ever seen them play, making up for various technical snafus with atomic amounts of energy. Bassist Kathy Foster bounced around the stage in a riot grrrl-era dress, while singer/guitarist Hutch Harris took advantage of Burrows to unleash his inner showman, gesticulating wildly and sweating up a storm." [Pitchfork @ Bowery]

"Brooklyn Vegan Day-time show with Cadence Weapon (meh), Oxford Collapse (rad), and The Thermals (soo rad! heart! heart! heart!)." [Pavla @ Fontana's]

"Of course the older songs inspired some serious sing-alongs and fist-pumping. Hot." [Sub-inev @ Fontana's]

"The first full act I saw was The Thermals. By the time the Portland act came on, Studio B was completely packed." [Music slut]

"Best Set - The Thermals @ Studio B" [Battering Room]

"The Thermals played a great set of good, clean-sounding pop punk. [A Big Big Love @ Studio B]

"The Thermals were amazing and people were going absolutely nuts for them!" [The Likely Broads @ Studio B]

"The Thermals from Portland, OR will probably become a well-known indie rock band in a few months ... if not already" [Music Snobbery @ Studio B]

A big thanks to the Thermals for playing the BrooklynVegan show - and all the shows - and thanks to everyone who attended.

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