MedhiLast week I had a great time dancing. I started things off Wednesday night seeing ddpesh (download his remix of Cut Copy's "Far Away" at the top of this post) deejay at Arlo & Esme (which I unfortunately didn't find out about until days after last week in dance went online). He played a great mix of recent stuff including two of my favorite, underplayed jams - The Whitest Boy Alive's "Golden Cage" (Fred Falke remix) and Ghostface Killah's "Charlie Brown" (DJ Mehdi remix), and more Biggie than I've heard played out in a long time, and he somehow brought it all back around to electronic once again before I headed out.

Speaking of Mehdi, what do you think of his latest track, Pocket Piano? It was just released on digital & vinyl on Ed Banger Wednesdat (12/10). Pelski did an interesting preview of some of the remixes (which you can download there) last week, juxtaposing Mehdi's work with the rest of the Ed Bangers, and discussing the inevitable backlash headed toward the French label.

There's more on its way in terms of reviews from last week, but dance-wise this week is one of the busiest in a while. Check out what's going on Thursday night (12/11) - a very packed rest of the Week In Dance will be on its way soon:

The event I'm most looking forward to Thursday night is by far Sebastien Tellier at Le Poisson Rouge. Back in July the bearded, gold lamé & sunglasses-wearing, pelvic-thrusting super Frenchman put on what was easily one of the most entertaining shows I've been to in '08. While it's easy to write off bands with a lot of onstage antics as trying to make up for a lack of talent, this is most definitely not the case for Sebastien Tellier. His oversexed performance went perfectly with the tracks from his Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo-produced album Sexuality, the direction of which he discussed with the Fader:

I wanted to record erotic music, I wanted to excite people in an Italian way, because Italians do it better. I wanted to have fun, play with a current mood but make it very personal. I intend to play a broken hearted seducer.

Advanced tickets available here.

That's definitely one show not to miss, but if you must, here are some other options:

- Vinyl is thankfully still alive at Santos with DJ Franc O spinning the spoils from his recent 3-year, funk-finding, record-seeking mission to West Africa. Apparently 3 years wasn't long enough! According to Franc O's blog:

I'm going to discontinue my party at Santos later this month. I think I'm going to give the DJ business a break and fly back to West Africa for a while. The party will still happen on Dec. 11th and Dec. 18th.

Get over there! Who knows when he'll be back!

10pm, $5.

Also on Thursday, professional party people, Meanred, are throwing two very different but danceable events:

- One is a Stones Throw-down at Love featuring three artists from the label:

Dam Funk is literally known as LA's "Ambassador of Boogie Funk", while Mr. Pants is a purveyor par excellence of that unmistakable "fresh beat": 80's Soul, Electro Boogie, Early Rap, New Wave, & Post-Punk Disco. Mayer Hawthorne -- the soul/funk anomaly -- is DJIng a set as well.

Advanced tickets available here.

The other event Meanred is throwing is a more techno-geared get-together, at nearby Bar 13 with Exercise 1, Mike Servito, and Boy Markcow:

Also on the techno side, Thursday night "Go!" is happening at APT with Heartthrob is at and Derek Plaslaiko:

Have a good time geting down Thursday night and check back for a review of last Saturday's Cult party at Studio B, plus many options for what to do the rest of this weekend.