The Tough Alliance

With SXSW on the horizon, we'd like to turn our attention the one of the bands we're excited to see. We're talking about the Swedish duo called The Tough Alliance ....

With three EP's out, Make It Happen, Holiday, and New Waves, and two full-length studio albums, The New School and A New Chance, they have been given much critical acclaim and have established themselves on the Swedish indie-scene. New Waves just recently received an 8.0 on Pitchfork, although it was released in 2006. This is because the EP is just now becoming available in the States through Summer Lovers Unlimited label. Their live shows have also been given much attention in the Swedish media when they often swing baseball bats on stage and sing to recorded music. [Wikipedia]

Their music reminds us of summer - that it's time to fall in love or at least to drink some lemonade. So what better remix to post then Alife's 'Special Summer mix' of 'Something Special'? Grab it above.

We'll be hunting down these boys next week in Austin (where it will finally feel like Summer) at the Modular Records SXSW Showcase and at the Summer Lovers Unlimted showcase a few days later (lots of summer). Let us know if you know of any other shows they're playing, and check out the videos below...

The Tough Alliance - Holiday

The Tough Alliance - First Class Riot

The Tough Alliance - Koka Kola Veins

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