The Tubs, the London-based band formed by former Joanna Gruesome members Owen 'O' Williams and George 'GN' Nicholls, just released their debut album, Dead Meat. The album also features JG singer Alanna McArdle (who co-leads Ex-Vöid with Owen) making this about as close to a reunion as fans are likely to get. Even if this is the first you've ever heard of any of them, it's a fantastic place to start -- Williams and Nicholls know how to construct thrilling two-minute guitar earworms that mash together a few different sympatico genres: punk, post punk, power-pop and British folk. There's a lot of snarl and angst here -- mental health and its burdens / complications are recurring lyrical themes -- but never without an emphasis on hooks and melody. Listen to the whole album below.

We asked Williams to tell us a little more about the album and his list of influences and inspirations includes music (Richard & Linda Thompson, The Jam, Felt guitarist Maurice Deebank, The 1975), and more. Read his list and commentary below.


Richard and Linda Thompson - Wall of Death
This is R and L's masterpiece in my opinion. I always thought the Wall of Death was the ride where you stick to the wall via gravity but it's actually the death-defying curved velodrome motorbike stunt.

Eumovate Steroid Cream
I mention this cream in the song "Dead Meat" because it cured a rash on my perineum.

The Jam
It's dangerous to be outrightly influenced by The Jam because you might end up sporting one of those haircuts and being branded a Wellend but we've simply thrown caution to the wind.

The Watersons
We stan this legendary English Folk revival family! I grew up around folkies. My parents compiled a Watersons compilation for Honest Johns Records and it 'slaps'.

A lot of the songs take place in Wetherspoons pubs... There's something about those carpets, that lagery buttermilk chicken burger triple fried chips smell...

The 1975
I have a sick morbid obsession with Matty Healy/The 1975. I have never known a band to produce such conflicting emotions of disgust and euphoria within me. I sometimes try to steal his melodies and I guess they also influence the way we mix influences in that sort of jarring, anachronistic way.

In his book Tormented Hope, Brian Dillon compares the hypochondriac/OCD sufferer to the clown. It's true. My delusions -- that I'm dying or transforming into a serial killer/sexual deviant etc -- are actually very funny and slapstick even though they cause me extreme pain.

Maurice Deebank
From Felt. The original jangle shredder.

Disgusting South London flats
Maybe someone's playing The Last of Us, maybe someone's taken too much ket, maybe there's Morley's chicken bones amongst the bedsheets.

Elfbar vapes
Me and George love toking on elfies.


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