The Twin is a new NYC band made up of three post-hardcore veterans -- singer/songwriter Bryan Louie (Joshua Fit For Battle), drummer Jeff Gensterblum (Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox), and bassist Eric Odness (Chariots, Ageist, Primitive Weapons) -- and they made their debut album Dead Rose with J. Robbins of Jawbox. It comes out July 23 via Mind Over Matter Records, and we're now premiering lead single "Howl." It's a soaring, atmospheric song that feels imported to 2021 from the '90s emo/post-hardcore scene -- recalling anything from Elliott to Sunny Day Real Estate to Far to Quicksand -- and it sounds fresh today too. "The entire album is a break-up album with each song focusing on specific emotions and moments felt during & after the relationship ending," Bryan says. "‘Howl' represents some of the uglier, regretful moments felt, translated into sound."

The song comes with a video that was filmed at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar by director Nathaniel Shannon, with assistance from Frank Huang. Check it out below.


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