The Umbrellas are descendents of San Francisco's long DIY indiepop scene, making jangly guitar pop that's just a little rough around the edges. The band released their self-titled debut on venerated indie label Slumberland and they fit right in on its roster that includes Black Tambourine, The Aislers Set and The Mantles. You can listen to the album below.

Getting in a little touring this year, where the pandemic allowed, The Umbrellas spent a fair amount of in the van and they've made us a list of their Top 10 albums they listened to while on the road. Check that out with commentary from the band below.

Speaking of show, The Umbrellas were set to play the 2022 Oakland Weekender next weekend which has been postponed (new dates TBA), but are still set for Ceremony's Homesick Festival in Pomona, CA on January 28 with Mannequin Pussy, Show Me the Body, Spellling, and more.

More Umbrellas list action: They talked to chickfactor about their Top 10 San Francisco taquerias.

The Umbrellas - 2021 Top 10 Albums From the Tour Van

1. Spellling - The Turning Wheel
Matt says, “A sonic adventure through time and space. Religious yet secular. Bay Area represent”

2. FLOWERTOWN - Time Trials
Matt says, “Music made by the nicest people for decent humans. Mysterious Lo-fi dreams sequences set against the San Francisco skyline. Warms the heart.”

3. April Magazine - If the Ceiling Were a Kite: Vol.1
Nick says, “Music to walk around in the fog to in San Francisco… Nothing beats a night hike to the pier and back to the Richmond with April Mag in the background."

4. Tangled Shoelaces - Turn My Dial - the M Squared Recordings
Nick says, “The tangled shoelaces retrospective is how the production of every record should sound. You can feel every ounce of sincerity poured into these recordings.”

5. Hologram - No Longer Human
Nick Says, “The Umbrellas almost exclusively listen to punk and hardcore whenever we carpool together ... and Hologram's ‘No Longer Human’ is hands down some of the best hardcore to be pressed to vinyl in 2021.”

6. Chime School - S/T
Keith & Nick say, “ When I think of ‘jangle pop’, I now immediately think of Chime School. Andy Pastalaniec wears his influences on his sleeve (both in his tactful wardrobe and with the music chime school creates) if you like slick & sugary 2 minute indie pop songs , no one does it better than this. Andy really nailed the 12 string drum machine sound, and his great voice is the cherry on top. Play this record next time you visit San Francisco, it sounds like the feeling you get when you drive into town.

7. The Wind-ups - Try Not to Think
Keith says, “ Lo-fi recordings of hi-fi hooks. This is the modern Bay area Ramones. These songs will be stuck in your head for days and you can’t help but to try to learn them on guitar yourself. Jake (of Terry Malts) will leave you all wound up for the next batch of catchy punk songs. This record is called ‘Try Not To Think’, however I can't help but to think that this is a great record.”

8. Rosali - No Medium
Morgan says, “ When I first listened to this record I was warmly reminded of Richard and Linda Thompson’s anthem “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight”, only with more turbulent undertones. Members of David Nance Group give this album heavy gusts of electric guitars that carry it home, straight to the soul. It’s probably my favorite release this year, so lovely.

9.Maxine Funke - Seance
Morgan says, “Contemplative and secluded music that sounds like a candle illuminating a dark room. These songs are delicate and carefully woven, and they led me down a spiral of Funke works, mind you there are plenty more albums to get lost in that she has crafted over the years. Fans of Alastair Galbraith and Sibylle Baier listen closely.”

10. Linda Smith - Till Another Time: 1988-1996
Morgan says, “ Linda Smith is a lo-fi pioneer. Never have I been so inspired to pick up a four-track and lock myself up in my room! These songs are a gift to the songwriting world… Fans of Marine Girls and the Softies would love this stuff. Honestly anyone would."


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