by Black Bubblegum

The Van Pelt @ SXSW 2009 (more here)
The Van Pelt

After posting The Van Pelt review from SXSW, someone wrote, "more shows now please!" In the immortal words of Mary Kate / Ashley Olsen circa Full House... "You got it dude!"

The Van Pelt will curate and play their first-ever Brooklyn show at Coco 66 on June 13th as part of the Northside Festival. The Holy Childhood and Ghost Gamblers are along for the ride. Doors are at 8PM, $10 or your Northside badge gets you in.

The Van Pelt also has at least one other show on their calendar... The Black Cat in Washington DC with Frodus on June 20th, one of three dates left for Frodus.

A video of the Van Pelt playing a show in Germany in 1997, below...