Indie art rockers The Velvet Teen are a relatively elusive band these days, but whenever they do pop up, they're always up to something worthwhile. Back in 2015, they released All Is Illusory, their first full-length album in nine years, on Topshelf Records. This year, they're following it with a new single, "Parallel Universes." The new song's got that classic Velvet Teen vibe, but it's also something new for them, and it sounds great. Fueled by a fidgety backing melody that sounds a little like Battles, "Parallel Universes" is more on TVT's art pop side compared to the more driving rock of All Is Illusory. Judah Nagler's voice is as unmistakable as ever, and he really belts it on this one, making for some very big, very catchy hooks. It's a more mid-tempo song, so the band's not-so-secret weapon Casey Deitz doesn't go as apeshit behind the drum kit as he does on certain Velvet Teen songs, but he's still rarely playing a straightforward drum beat, and he finds a couple times to let his freak flag fly (the bridge, the ending). The song also comes with a video directed by Brady Baltezore, and that video premieres in this post. Check it out:

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