The 9/20 issue of The Village Voice came out today -- it's the last-ever print edition of the iconic NYC weekly which was founded in 1955. Bob Dylan's on the cover, offering a farewell salute. Voice editor Stephen Mooallem wrote the accompanying farewell piece, titled "You're Probably Reading This on an Electronic Device":

When I talk with people about the Voice, they often refer to it as an “institution.” But I think of it more as having a constitution. By that, I don’t mean a document containing a statement of essential principles by which the Voice is governed — I mean a constitution in the way that a person has a physical constitution. If you treat it well, then it can flourish; if you don’t, then it withers. Its existence is not inevitable. It needs to be fought for. When I look at what this paper has been for the past (almost) 62 years, I see the names of many people who have done just that for the Voice, and we’ve decided to dedicate this final print issue to them. The Voice may be bigger than print and ink or any owner, editor, medium, or era, but this paper belonged to New York, and the people who have worked for it have served both the Voice and the city in exemplary fashion.

The Voice will continue on digital form. Rest in peace, print version of the Village Voice and the red boxes you came in.

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