Bummer: LA psych rock collective The Warlocks had their van broken into while in San Francisco on Wednesday (6/3) as the band posted on Facebook:

Gone baby gone! All of our gear got jacked in San Francisco last night. Including my precious Gretsch Black Rose. I guess I'm the idiot for taking such a guitar with me. We are filing police reports and doing all that noise. I think we are like 5-6th band to get robbed in sf in the last few months. My guess it's the same people! Anyways sad day in The Warlocks camp for sure! Fuck!

Talk about a bad trip! The band are going to press on, however, and borrow gear from other bands along the way. They've also set up a crowdfunding campaign if you'd like to help out.

Tonight (6/5), they should have no trouble finding gear as they're playing the Vancouver edition of multi-city psych fest Levitation which also features Black Lips, Black Angels, Black Mountain and even some bands that don't have Black in their name. All Warlocks tour dates are listed below...


The Warlocks - 2015 Tour Dates
Jun 5 Fri Vancouver, Canada - Levitation Vancouver w/ The Black Angels, Black Lips
Jun 6 Sat Seattle, WA - Lo Fi w/ Birdstriking, Rick Maymi
Jun 7 Sun Portland, OR - Bunk Bar w/ Cambrian Exp, Hollow Sidewalks
Jun 10 Wed Costa Mesa, CA - Wayfarer w/ Creatures Choir, Church Of Sun, Blood Candy
Jun 11 Thu San Diego , CA - The Hideout w/ Shady Francos, Shake Before Us, Vowws
Jun 13 Sat Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theatre w/ Cleopatra Records Night
Aug 28 Fri Portugal, Valada - Reverence festival w/ The Horrors, Sleep
Aug 29 Sat Madrid, Spain - Moby Dick w/ Brahma-Loka
Aug 30 Sun San Sebastian , Spain - Dabadaba w/ Brahma-Loka
Aug 31 Mon Barcelona, Spain - SideCar w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 1 Tue Toulouse, France - Connexionlive Brahma Loka
Sep 2 Wed Marseille, France - Molotov w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 3 Thu Lyon, France - TBA w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 4 Fri Brescia , Italy - Latteria Molloy w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 5 Sat Ravenna, Italy - Hana Bi w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 6 Sun Feldkirch, Austria - Graf Hugo Support TBA
Sep 8 Tue Berlin, Germany - Bassy Club 8mm w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 8 Tue Berlin - Bassy Club 8mm w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 9 Wed Aarhus, Denmark - TBA Brahma Loka
Sep 10 Thu Oslo, Norway - Revolver Club Support TBA
Sep 11 Fri Gothenburg, Sweden - Showdown Support TBA
Sep 12 Sat Malmoe, Sweeden - Grand Ol & Mat Club w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 13 Sun Copenhagen , Denmark - KB18 w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 15 Tue Dresden, Germany - Groovestation Support TBA
Sep 16 Wed Strasbourg, France - Mudd Club Support TBA
Sep 17 Thu Munster, Germany - Gleis 22 Support TBA
Sep 18 Fri Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Mercury Rev, Cabaret Voltaire
Sep 22 Tue Innsbruck, Austria - Weekender Cafe w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 24 Thu La Chaux De Fond, Switzerland - Bikini Test w/ Brahma-Loka
Sep 25 Fri Giverny, France - Rock In The Barn Croodiles, Tahiti 80