The Warriors movie

OK, boppers, there's going to be a celebration of 1979 cult classic The Warriors at Coney Island's Surf Pavillon on September 13. The event will feature a reunion some of the cast and crew, including Michael Beck ("Swan"), Dorsey Wright ("Cleon"), David Harris ("Cochise") and Bryan Tyler ("Snow). There will be live music from Sick of it All and Gotham City Mashers, a cosplay contest and and a screening of the film and post-movie Q&A hosted by John Joseph of Cro-Mags. Can you dig it? Tickets are on sale now.

Flyer for the event, more info and schedule is below...


The Warriors movie

The Warriors Coney Island Reunion.

WarriorsCome Out To Play Yay. The Boys are finally going back to Coney Island and you can be there to meet them.

Michael Beck/Swan Dorsey Wright/Cleon David Harris/Cochise Bryan Tyler/Snow
Thomas G Waites/Fox Terry Michos/Vermin and David Kopland (The 10th Warrior)

with Special Guests.
Jery Hewitt/Muson (Furies Leader)
Eddie Hatch
Bill Anagnos
Harry Madsen
Leon Delaney
Apache Ramos (Orphans)
Konrad Sheehan (Punks)

10:00am Press Conference.
11:00pm Conclave to the event.
3:00 Cosplay Contest
4:00pm Photo Opt
4:30-7:00pm signing.
7:00 pm Gotham Mashers
730-8:15 SOIA
8:30-9:45 Film
9:45pm Q&A Hosted by John Joseph
11:00p,m Saying Good Bye to Coney.....