Lots of dance related madness hitting NYC in the next 6 weeks. I'll highlight some of the bigger names making their way to the 5 boroughs in upcoming editions.

This weekend: Comb your moustache and put on your sunglasses: this is disco.

LindstromThe mythical Disco Viking, Hans-Peter Lindstrom hits the Fixed party at Studio B on Saturday night. Not only is his visit to these parts very rare, he's going to rock a live set.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lindstrom, he and his sometime collaborator Prins Thomas, have crafted a signature sound out of epic, spaced out disco. Their production work over the past 3 years has helped stimulate the disco revival currently sweeping dancefloors of the globe. (Visit our friend Tim Sweeney for an extensive collection of disco-y Beats in Space shows.)

LindstromAlong with the massive hit "I Feel Space" (remix for download over at la Decadanse), Lindstrom has rerubed Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, and Freeform Five.

Lindstrom's new album Its a Feedelity Affair is an excellent example of Lindstrom for the dancefloor, as opposed to some of his Lindstrom for the headphones work. Highly recommended.

Lindstrom: Middle, Left, Right
Feb 8 2007 Funky Buddha lounge / Chicago
Feb 9 2007 Mezzanine / San Francisco
Feb 10 2007 Studio B / New York City




Thursday - 2/8
*Switch at Cielo!!!
*In Flagranti at APT

Friday - 2/9
*Girl Talk at Studio B (free after the bands)
*In Flagranti at Luke & Leroy
*Nick Catchdubs at Rewind

Saturday - 2/10
*Fixed has Lindstrom (Live) at Studio B