I was really, really looking forward to last week in dance, but it wound up being just alright (part of which was my fault). Friday night I went to Trusme's new monthly at APT, Disco3000. While there was good disco thanks to Kon & Amir, Trusme (who I was most looking forward to) was nowhere to be seen. I arrived at APT around 12:30, so theoretically I could have missed him. I would think even if that were the case he would have been hanging around though. Who knows...

A couple of notable things: APT was finally fittingly packed with people dancing (the past few times I'd been there recently it was dead). 2. There was someone "deejaying" who I didn't recognize, who wasn't mixing the songs. There were a couple of failed attempts...and then complete pauses in between each song. Really broke the momentum and my disco heart as the songs probably would have made for a good set if they had been mixed together.

Saturday night was a total debacle on my part. I was running around doing a bunch of things during the day...and by the time I would have left to see Romanthony at Love I was completely out of energy. Epic fail followed by immediate regret. Did any of you go?

Despite just having an OK time last week, I am still very optimistic about this week. There are lots of potentially awesome dancefloor scenarios that could unfold - here's what's up for Thursday (1/22) & Friday (1/23)...

Thursday night give disco another chance at the Annex - Disco Social with Jacques Renault!

Also Thursday, not quite so disco-ey, but related - some members of disco outfit Hercules And Love Affair have a side project, Deep Red, making its debut at Le Poisson Rouge:

Deep Red features keyboardist Morgan Wiley, bassist Andrew Raposo and Nomi Ruiz on vocals. The trio formed the band while on the road with Hercules And Love Affair. Opening on the night is Midnight Magic, while Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem will DJ two sets before and after the show.

Advanced tickets available here.

Just a few blocks away from there, King Britt will be dropping some soulful, funky beats at Sullivan Room:

10:00 pm - 4:00 am, 21+, $10 at the door.

If you'd rather party on the Eastside, Ether happens every other Thursday at Happy Ending. One of this week's guest deejays is Jubilee who recently did a Pre Party Jamz mix for Nicky Digital. Full line-up and event info below:

And finally, if you feel like hitting up BK, Meanred are throwing another of their great parties. In addition to deejays (DJ Mother Hubbard, Lucas Walters, and Johnsville), plus a live set from Hollywood Holt, this one includes fighting monsters thanks to Kaiju Big Battel:

$5 with RSVP, $10 at the door.

OPEN BAR 9pm-10pm: (PBR, Vodka)


If you make it through the Kaiju monsters there are plenty of ways to get down Friday night:

Some great new artists from France are making their US debut at Webster Hall:

RSVP here for $10 reduced admission.

The Valerie Collective is not just a music blog - it is a group of like-minded DJs and musicians from West France that fuse authentic 80s synths with modern indie/electronica. They sound like Daft Punk doing an '80s movie soundtrack... their tracks are startling in their consistency, mood and feel; they offer a sense of a time that never existed, but we all somehow understand... a future that once seemed possible. Their retro/futuristic artwork (by The Zonders) sums it up nicely.
There are several artists under the collective's umbrella, (including College, Anoraak, Russ Chimes and Lovelock - all of whom will be performing).

Download some tracks by Anoraak and Russ Chimes at the top of this post, plus a new one - "Sentinel of Love" from 33Hz (who will also be performing live at Webster on Friday). Be sure to check out Black Bubblegum's post for more info on Steve Moore of Lovelock, plus more College and Anoraak tour dates.

Also exciting and happening on Friday, Palms Out and Finger on the Pulse are throwing their latest No Big Deal party at Europa featuring Moulinex & Xinobi's US debuts (which many would argue is a big deal):

Advanced tickets available here. $10 at the door. This party was recently changed to 18+.

Remember how Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, and Jubilee had that weekly called Flashing Lights at Public Assembly? Well, it's back (kind of). This week it's at Mehanata (the Bulgarian Bar). Louisahhh!!! is the guest deejay this week. Check out a recent interview with her here and some more music on her Virb site. If you decide to go be sure to wish Nick Catchdubs a Happy Birthday, and also download the new Flashing Lights mix at the top of this post (tracklisting here) as well as DJ Ayres' remix of Ursula 1000's "Zombies":

While we're on Ursula 1000...his "Undressed" party is still going strong (downstairs) at APT. This Friday's special guest is All Good Funk Alliance.

As always, there is much more dancing ahead this weekend into next week. More info is on its way soon. Get down in the meantime, but before you go you might want to enter to win a pair of tickets to this week's Mr. Saturday Night party at Santos!

From what I've heard last week's party was amazing, and with the great live band Tortured Soul on the bill (among others), this week shouldn't fall short.

TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM(subject: Mr. Saturday Night II). A will be chosen at random and contacted.

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