The Weeknd released his House of Balloons mixtape on March 21, 2011; he released it for free on his website and, pun intended, it blew up quick. Ten years later, The Weeknd played the Super Bowl, which seemed pretty normal for an artist as big as he is now, but a bit surprising when you think that House of Balloons was powered, in part, by samples of Cocteau Twins, Beach House and Siouxsie & The Banshees. He played the Siouxsie-sampling "House of Balloons" as part of his Super Bowl extravaganza.

House of Balloons has never been on streaming services, but for its 10th anniversary on March 21, it's finally being added in its original form, including all the samples.

Additionally, House of Balloons is getting a new vinyl release featuring a new "eroded" interpretation of the cover art by Daniel Ashram. Pressed on transparent vinyl, it's limited to 1000 copies worldwide and will be available via The Weeknd's shop on March 21 at 3 PM Eastern, along with some other commemorative merch.


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