The Who have shared a second song from their upcoming album WHO. "All This Music Must Fade" certainly sounds like a Who song, big and anthemic with Roger Daltrey sounding confident and riffs you can just hear being windmilled. As the opening cut on the album, their first in 13 years, it's hard not to hear it as a statement of intent and as a comment on what it's like to release an album 50+ years into your career. Verses open with lines like "I don't care, I know you're gonna hate this song" or "I don't mind other guys ripping off my songs," but the chorus speaks to the ephemeral nature of pop: "All this music will fade / like the edge of a blade." Some things fade slower than others, of course, and speaking of, the song's fade-out is telling, with Pete Townshend singing "what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine, what's mine is yours...who gives a fuck?" Listen below.

WHO is out November 22. Update: release pushed back to December 6 via Polydor. After having some voice problems in Houston last week, Roger Daltrey and the rest of The Who are back on the road and will head into the West Coast leg of their North American tour next week.

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