After confirming its existence back in April, The Wonder Years have officially announced their seventh album, The Hum Goes On Forever, due September 23 via Hopeless Records. The album includes recent singles "Oldest Daughter" and "Summer Clothes," and along with the announcement comes third single "Wyatt's Song (Your Name)." It's a soaring, anthemic song that finds the band's unique emo/alt-rock/pop punk mix sounding as genre-blurring and distinct as ever, and it's another very promising taste of this LP. (It also includes a lyrical nod to "God Only Knows.") This album is the band's first since vocalist Dan Campbell became a father, and this new song was written for his oldest son, Wyatt. Dan says:

It’s about the polarizing forces of love and anxiety that come with being a new parent—simultaneously being so overjoyed that they’re here, about the miraculous nature of their existence, but afraid of all the ways you could fail them. It’s about raising children in a world that feels like it’s actively ending and how to make them feel safe and cared for despite that. It tries to breathe in the small, beautiful moments and exhale all of the invasive thoughts of despair.

Check it out below.

TWY also have some upcoming festival appearances, including Riot Fest, When We Were Young, and Hawthorne Heights' Is For Lovers fests. All dates are listed below.

1. Doors I Painted Shut
2. Wyatt's Song (Your Name)
3. Oldest Daughter
4. Cardinals II
5. The Paris of Nowhere
6. Summer Clothes
7. Lost in the Lights
8. Songs About Death
9. Low Tide
10. Laura & the Beehive
11. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
12. You're the Reason I Don't Want the World to End

The Wonder Years -- 2022 Tour Dates
August 27 - Is For Lovers Fest - Wichita, KS
August 28 - Is For Lovers Fest - Denver, CO
September 4 - The Great Allentown Fair - Allentown, PA
September 10 - Is For Lovers Fest - Cincinnati, OH
September 16 - Riot Fest - Chicago, IL
Oct 22-29 - When We Were Young - Las Vegas, NV

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