Last month, The Wonder Years confirmed that their first album in four years would be arriving this year, and they shared the excellent lead single "Oldest Daughter," which reunited them with longtime producer Steve Evetts and which we named one of the best punk songs of April. Still no word on title or release date, but they did just release a second single, "Summer Clothes." This one was produced by Will Yip and it shows off a softer side of the band, with acoustic guitars and slower tempos, and it also employs a post-rocky buildup that explodes by the song's end.

"It’s a love letter to a time when your sadness was most conspicuous by its momentary absence, when the low hum quieted enough for you to realize it was nearly gone, when you did stupid, dangerous shit because, well, why not?," the band says. Frontman Dan Campbell adds, "It’s a song that tumbled out of me all at once. Like it had been trying to escape for a long time." Listen below and stay tuned for more on the new LP.

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