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The xx at Music Hall at Snug Harbor 8/06/2012
XX at Snug Harbor

The band's heavily synthesized swirling and vibrant sound, which includes post-punk and sultry dub grooves, is a feast for the ears and a delight to the eyes as the group often complements their music with dazzling set designs and unique lighting displays.

Setting the atmosphere for the performance, the Music Hall became sort of an intimate nightclub -- literally, smoke-filled and breezy -- with lots of changing colored lights shiny from the stage--the perfect filter through which to showcase the band's ethereal sound.

Taking the stage to applause, the trio broke into "Angels" from the soon to be released album "Coexist."
Looking around the Music Hall, [member Oliver] Sims remarked how much he liked the theater: "It's very nice. It's very intimate." - [SI Live]

After their sold-out show at the relatively big Terminal 5 last week, The xx played an intimate show at the Snug Harbor on Staten Island last night (8/6). Attendees were taken from the Ferry to the historic venue via a shuttle bus emblazoned with the band's "X" logo and the outside of the Music Hall was lit up with album art projections which you can see via instagrams below. The setlist was almost identical to the T5 show, with the addition of "Infinity."

The xx's next NYC shows will be two nights at the Paradise Theatre in the Bronx in October. Meanwhile, the band just released a trippy "visualization" of a second cut from their much-anticipated second album, Coexist. That video, live videos, setlist, and more pictures from the Snug Harbor show are below.


XX at Snug Harbor

XX at Snug Harbor

XX at Snug Harbor

XX at Snug Harbor

The xx shuttle bus (via @xlrecordings)
XX at Snug Harbor

Outside Snug Harbor (via @xlrecordings)

XX at Snug Harbor

Outside Snug Harbor (via @youngturks)
XX at Snug Harbor

The xx - "Angels" at Snug Harbor

The xx @ Snug Harbor 8/6/2012 setlist: (via)
Heart Skipped A Beat
Basic Space
Night Time
Swept Away (Take Care intro)


The xx - "Chained"

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