Their / They're / There, the math-emo band fronted by Evan Weiss (also of Into It. Over It., Pet Symmetry, The Progress, Stay Ahead of the Weather, etc), quietly returned for the first time since their 2013 EPs earlier this year with a split EP with Pacemaker (the project of T/T/T guitarist Matthew Frank), and now they've announced their first-ever full-length album, Their / They're / Three, due October 21 via Evan's Storm Chasers Ltd label, in partnership with Polyvinyl (pre-order). The band's original drummer was Mike Kinsella, but he's not in the band anymore and now they've got new drummer Jared Karns (Kiss Kiss, Hidden Hospitals, Djunah). The first single is "Living Will Or Living Well," and it finds T/T/T in fine form, with Evan's unmistakable yelped melodies and all the mathy guitar work you could ask for. Listen below.

A1: A Symphony Of Sparrows
A2: All In All We All
A3: A Patient (Cured) Is A Customer (Lost)
A4: Their / They're / Three
A5: Living Will Or Living Well
B1: Enemies Of Every Feather
B2: The Ultimate Ideas
B3: We're Moving Pictures
B4: A Kingdom Of (Y)our Own
B5: The Meaning & The Meadow


And here's the recent split with Pacemaker:

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