theMIND has announced a new album, Don't Let It Go To Your Head, due out next Friday (11/13). It features fellow Chicago hip hop acts Saba, Qari, Phoelix, and Sun, along with LA rapper Kari Faux, and it was produced entirely by Montreal's Da-P (Soulection). The first single is "Free Trial" (ft. Qari & Phoelix), and it's a deep, bold, rich-sounding piece of hip hop/soul that comes with a powerful video directed by Bradley A Murray. Check it out below.

1. Peanut Gallery
2. Gemini Shit
3. Sea
4. Desire feat. Kari Faux
5. Free Trial feat. Qari & Phoelix
6. Aura Prelude
7. Black Aura feat. Saba
8. Ms. Communication feat. Sun
9. Craig
10. 9MM
11. Atlas Complex


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