The town of Twin Peaks didn't have public transportation, but don't let that stop you from picking up an official Twin Peaks Metrocard to use on subways and buses to a place wonderful and strange. There are two different ones, one with Agent Cooper, the other with Laura Palmer. You can get them at the following subway stations: Bedford Ave, York St, Metropolitan Ave, Bergen St, W4 St, Astor Pl, 14 St 8th, Broadway Lafayette, 2nd Ave, 50 St Broadway, 50 St / 8th Ave.

With less than a week till Twin Peaks: The Return, excitement is high, especially as creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have spilled almost zero beans about what we can expect. From a new Hollywood Reporter feature story:

"It comes from my own personal desire to not know anything before I see a film," Lynch tells The Hollywood Reporter about why he's keeping the story under such tight wraps, an ethos so serious that several of the cast and crew won't be permitted to speak about Peaks on the record until after the season ends in September. "I want to experience it in a pure way and be taken into a world, letting it go where it takes you. It takes you where it wants to take you, and it's a beautiful, beautiful experience. It's very precious, and the more you know, it sort of takes away from that full experience."

Lynch is so committed to keeping the show's secrets that he won't say whether the upcoming third season paves the way for a fourth. ("I'm not allowed to speak about this," he says.) He won't weigh in on any of the new characters, either. ("I don't know if I can really get into that," he offers coyly, punctuating the mystery with a quick laugh.) He's tight-lipped on the casting process, too, with the series involving more than 200 actors, including franchise newcomers (albeit Lynch veterans) Laura Dern and Naomi Watts.

We're all just going to have to tune in Sunday, May 21 at 9 PM. The description of the episode that they've given for cable guides reads, "The stars turn and time presents itself." If you're in NYC, you can hang out at Videology where they're hosting a free, all-day Twin Peaks party. If you haven't watched the show at all, if you're diligent you can still power through the original two seasons of the show (streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other services), and the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. (which Lynch says will be important to the new episodes).

Other NYC-specific goings on: over at BAM they're hosting the "Peak Performances" film series featuring notable roles from the show's stars, and there's a Twin Peaks tribute happening at Brooklyn Bazaar on Tuesday (5/16).

While we wait, check out a new official featurette -- "Twin Peaks: The Phenomenon" -- below.

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