by Andrew Sacher

Hurry Up

Hurry Up is a new-ish Portland punk trio featuring Thermals members Kathy Foster & Westin Glass, and Maggie Vail of the now-defunct Bangs. Earlier this year they put out their self-titled album on Army of Bad Luck. You can pick it up here and vinyl orders come with a free download. Three of the songs are streaming below, and if you're a fan of either of their related bands you're sure to dig this too. "Kick Em Out" is the most Thermals-y but even more lo-fi and more overtly punk than that band, and "And Then" and "Shit Or Fuck" are noisy discordant hardcore songs. Check it out (via Pitchfork).

In related news, Maggie's sister Tobi Vail's band Bikini Kill has a reissue on the way.


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