Three songs have appeared on a Soundcloud page for "Angela Baker," and if you're thinking they sound more than a little like Against Me!, well, that's because they almost definitely are Against Me!. Laura Jane Grace first tweeted this, which might've made you wonder if she was being serious:

But then this happened, making it seem more like Laura was actually in on it:

And then she threw in this little (self-deprecating?) diss to throw us off again:

But then did this:

And then Laura pretty much let the cat out of the bag for good when she correctly predicted the release of "Angela Baker's" third song:

And threw in another self-diss:

Maybe it's just a way to spice up the release of these songs and add a little flavor to all the quarantine-induced boredom in our lives, but either way, we can almost definitely be sure there are three previously unreleased Against Me! songs from 2006-2007 out now, and they're great! Listen: