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TMBG performing ninja moves avec their golden statuettes

After the sold out success of their last show, the band will once again perform their platinum album Flood in it's entirety, as well as a warm up set of songs new, old and possibly brand new. Flansburgh and Linnell will be backed up by their super-killer band Marty Beller on the drum, Dan Miller on guitar and Danny Weinkauf on bass. The show will also include an appearance by The Tricerachops Horns featuring Dan "The Machine" Levine on trombone, Curt Ramm on trumpet, and Stan "The Optimist" Harrison on saxophone and clarinet.

TMBG are also happy to welcome back their good friends all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland--the always great, never late duo you can't overrate: Oppenheimer!

The show is an "encore performance" of Flood. The band's prior performance of their most popular LP was a huge success. TMBG also play Le Poisson Rouge on March 28th (tickets and more info here).

In other TMBG news, congrats to the guys on their Grammy win for "Best Musical Album For Children", Here Come The 123's! If you missed that broadcast, check it out here and scroll to 41:30 to see TMBG... and don't forget to check out an about-to-pop MIA, Lil Wayne, TI, Kanyeezy, and Jay-Z as well as Radiohead with a marching band.

And TMBG's winning streak in the kid's department continues. Their song, sung by John Linnell, is featured on the Coraline soundtrack.

This song was recorded for the movie Coraline. Due to cuts, this is the only song TMBG ended up providing for the film. It takes place when Coraline's other father (voiced by John Hodgman) shows how his piano plays him rather than he plays the piano. He proceeds to sing a song about how great Coraline is. The repeated mention of eyes and buttons plays on the fact that the Other Father's eyes are buttons. [this might be a wiki]

Watch the segment below.

They Might Be Giants were one of the last musical guests on Late Night With Conan O'Brian, but not THE last musical guest. Video from the February 12th episode is also, below...

John Linnell in Coraline

They Might Be Giants - "Mesopotamians" LIVE on Conan O'Brian, 2/12/09

28 FEB - Le Poisson Rouge NYC, NY
28 MAR - Le Poisson Rouge NYC, NY

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