They Might Be Giants next release is BOOK which is indeed an book, but also a vinyl record, CD and cassette. Here's more:

They Might Be Giants’ brand new project is a deluxe set: A 144-page cloth-bound hardcover art book of full-color photography, as well as original TMBG lyrics graphically set in the style of poetry concrete by world-famous designer Paul Sahre on an IBM Selectric typewriter from the early ‘70s. The featured lyrics are selections from BOOK, a forthcoming EP, My Murdered Remains, and I Like Fun. Inside every book of BOOK there is a copy of the musical album BOOK on an indestructible compact disc, and everyone who orders the book of BOOK will get an instantaneous download on release day. Both the fancy WAV format and the practical MP3 format will be available to you.

BOOK is due out this fall and you can preorder either the actual book or just a vinyl album, CD or tape. You can check out BOOK single "I Lost Thursday" and a few pages from it below.

In other news, They Might Be Giants' "Dial-a-Song" service, which began life in the '80s on an answering machine ("Call from work -- it's free!"), is now also an app you can get on IOS and Android devices.