Former Dalek member Alap Momin (aka Oktopus) is also one half of Third Culture Kings with Copenhagen singer Jan Johansen (of Glorybox and Ring Them Bells), and they're releasing their debut album Is That Light You Carry? this Friday (8/18) via 100.000/Internet & Weed. We're premiering the video for "Sunshine for Sadie" off that album. The song is a perfect mix of Alap's grimy production and Jan's indie rock style singing, and the video is truly creepy. Here's what the band tells us about it:

The video is set on “Isla de las muñecas”, Island of the Dolls, located just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico - a peculiar and macabre small island choked full of old dusty dolls hanging in trees and on walls. There are different legends told of how this all came about with the dolls, and the story I heard was that there was a priest who was struggling with his sanity who lived on the island, one day he found a doll on the ground and hung it on a tree…he immediately felt better and started to collect dolls and hanging them all over the island.. never the less a creepy place.