Today in news you can't make up: Third Eye Blind have announced a covers EP called Thanks for Everything, and among the artists they chose to cover are... Bon Iver, and even more surprising choices like Chastity Belt and Happy Diving. They also cover Santigold, Queens of the Stone Age, Tim Buckley, and Pete Doherty band Babyshambles' "Fuck Forever," which is the first single (you can hear it below). The EP drops August 24 via Mega Collider.

"In gratitude and support for all that inspires us, we offer this little album," said singer Stephan Jenkins. He also offered up commentary on each song...

“Ten” (Happy Diving)
“Happy Diving sounds like a 17 year-old skater with a cast on the wrist and hair in the eyes blithe fully flying blind and smiling into a half pipe. The band is carefree and careening, and luxuriating in effortless energy, and I wanted that feeling to inhabit me. “I absolutely want to shag the drummer,” my friend said. “Are they doing guitarmony?” I said. This is like bliss core Thin Lizzy. They broke up shortly after. It bothers me how so few people got to hear their music. Here’s our remedy. We tracked this somewhere in Europe with big smiles on our faces.”

“This Is Not Our Parade” (Santigold)
“Some songs let you see the whole landscape. Exotic, dark and cool. I heard a rave in that song that could burst out. This was one take with everyone in the same room in Memphis at a day off at the famous Ardent Studios.”

“Song of the Siren” (Tim Buckley)
“This has to go on any list of best song ever written. Elizabeth Fraser is also my favorite singer of all time and of course her version is definitive.”

“Joke” (Chastity Belt)
“We saw Chastity Belt at a club in Berlin. The drummer had a broken shoulder. No matter, she had a quiet style anyway. In the studio, I came to grips with what a great singer Julia Shapiro is. She’s Nico of the Northwest, plus she does that cool shit on the guitar.”

“In the Fade” (Queens of the Stone Age)
“It was pure joy to spend the afternoon fanning out on Queens of the Stone Age.”

“Blood Bank” (Bon Iver)
When I listen to Justin Vernon, I feel like a better person. I feel pure and authentic and sure of my convictions. I’ve been captivated by "Blood Bank" since I first heard it. I’m so in the landscape of the song, it’s as if I’m in a movie when I’m singing it. "Blood Bank" would be a really good movie—definitely shot on 16 mm film. We recorded it in Düsseldorf.


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