This Heat founding members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward starting playing together again as This Is Not This Heat in 2016 to celebrate the group’s 40th anniversary and then kept playing, including U.S. shows in 2018 and this spring. But, as Hayward put it, "moving forward has always been deep inside the music and we need to resolve that contradiction" and he and Bullen decided to call an end to TINTH with a series of "final" shows, the last of which happened at Brooklyn's Elsewhere on Wednesday night (7/31).

This Is Not This Heat performed the same set they've been doing, which includes all of the first album (almost in exact order) save for "Diet of Worms, most of Deceit, the title track from the "Health & Efficiency" single, and "Rimp Romp Ramp" from the Made Available comp.  Pretty much everything you could ask for in a This Heat setlist!  The band was amazing, especially the twin drumming where Charles Hayward proved what a phenomenal -- and probably underrated -- drummer he is. It's a shame that the world will (probably) never again get to witness the powers of this magnificent and highly influential band but it was a great way to go out.

Dreamcrusher opened the night with a very loud set of power electronics. Pictures from the show are in the gallery above, and TINTH's setlist -- plus video of "Makeshift Swahili" and "Rimp Ramp Romp" -- is below.

If you need more, Charles Hayward performs tonight (8/1) at Public Records in two incarnations, first as a duo with with bassist Tim Dhal, and then they’ll be joined for a second set by This Is Not This Heat’s live member Alex Ward on amplified clarinet and electric guitar. After that, Charles Bullen of TINTH will DJ. More info is here.

SETLIST: This Is Not This Heat @ Elsewhere Hall 7/31/2019
Test Card
Horizontal Hold
Not Waving
Twilight Furniture
Music Like Escaping Gas
The Fall of Saigon
A New Kind of Water
Paper Hats
Makeshift Swahili
Rimp Romp Ramp
24 Track Loop
Health and Efficiency

photos by Greg Cristman

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